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  • Peter J. Visclosky, Ranking Member
  • Betty McCollum
  • Tim Ryan
  • Dutch Ruppersberger
  • Marcy Kaptur
  • Henry Cuellar


Departments of Army, Navy (including Marine Corps), Air Force, Office of Secretary of Defense, and Defense Agencies including activities related to military personnel; operation and maintenance; procurement; research and development; and the Military Health System.  Also includes intelligences activities such as the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Central Intelligence Agency.  Jurisdiction excludes Department of Defense-related accounts and programs under the Subcommittee on Military Construction and Veterans Affairs and the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works).

Recent Activity

January 29, 2018 Press Release

The House of Representatives will consider the FY2018 Defense Appropriations Act this week, for the third time.  The bill is nearly identical to the Defense bill contained within the National Security Consolidated Appropriations Act (HR 3219) passed by the House on July 27th, which Democrats opposed by a vote of 187-5. 

June 29, 2017 Press Release

Chairwoman Granger, congratulations on bringing your first Defense Appropriations Bill before the Committee.  You have taken the helm of the subcommittee in an exceptionally difficult year and I deeply appreciate your steadfast commitment to maintaining its tradition of cooperative bipartisanship, transparency, and taking a thoughtful approach to solving problems.


June 29, 2017 Press Release

Thank you, Chairman Frelinghuysen, Chairwoman Granger, and Ranking Member Visclosky for your hard work on this bill.


June 28, 2017 Press Release

The FY2018 Defense Appropriations bill would exceed the Budget Control Act limit on defense spending without raising the cap, and trigger a 13% sequestration of all defense accounts across five Appropriations bills.  It would all but ensure one or more Continuing Resolutions to prevent another government shutdown, and the massive, one-year increase would create a future fundi

Subcommittee's Activity in Previous Congress