The Appropriations Committee has one of the broadest jurisdictions of any committee in Congress. It is responsible for appropriating funding for most of the functions of the federal government. Under Rule X of the Rules of the House, the Committee on Appropriations' jurisdiction is defined as "(1) Appropriation of the revenue for the support of the Government. (2) Rescissions of appropriations contained in appropriations Acts. (3) Transfers of unexpended balances. (4) Bills and joint resolutions reported by other committees that provide new entitlement authority as defined in section 3(9) of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 and referred to the committee under clause 4(a)(2). (5) Bills and joint resolutions that provide new budget authority, limitation on the use of funds, or other authority relating to new direct loan obligations and new loan guarantee commitments referencing section 504(b) of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974."

In the 118th Congress, the Appropriations Committee has 12 subcommittees that each have jurisdiction over a specific part of the federal government. The formal list of jurisdictions is here.