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Press Releases

November 7, 2018 Press Release
“Americans have spoken and they have empowered a Democratic House Majority to fight for the people. It is now up to us to get to work and take action that raises wages, lowers health care costs, and cleans up corruption."
October 9, 2018 Press Release
​Today, House Appropriations Committee Ranking Member Nita Lowey (NY-17) and House Budget Committee Ranking Member John Yarmuth (KY-03) sent a joint letter to Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, urging him to work with Democrats on a bipartisan agreement to raise discretionary spending limits and to adequately fund discretionary programs in the President's 2020 budget.
September 22, 2018 Press Release
“I am pleased that there has been bipartisan agreement on the urgent need to help families affected by Hurricane Florence and other natural disasters across our nation, and that this funding has been included in the FAA reauthorization bill."
June 20, 2018 Press Release
“The Trump-GOP rescissions bill was a disastrous attempt to play election year politics by eliminating funding for children’s health insurance and slashing investments that create jobs and strengthen communities. The Senate was right to reject this attack on American children and families."
June 20, 2018 Press Release
It is obvious that President Trump is using distraught children and anguished parents as bargaining chips to fund his border wall boondoggle. Unfortunately, it appears that the Majority is acquiescing to this strategy by dramatically increasing funding for Homeland Security.
June 7, 2018 Press Release

Mr. Speaker, it is outrageous that we are beginning this appropriations season by debating President Trump’s rescissions bill, which fails the American people, hurts children and families, and injects needless partisanship into Congress’ important appropriations work.

June 6, 2018 Press Release
Tomorrow, the House is expected to consider H.R. 3, the Trump-GOP rescissions bill. Here are five important things to know.
May 23, 2018 Press Release
“We now understand why House Republicans have tried to keep their fiscal year 2019 priorities secret: they have chosen to shortchange middle class families and vulnerable people in order to fund President Donald Trump’s border wall and deportation force."
May 23, 2018 Press Release
For the last month, Democrats on this Committee have been demanding to see the full slate of subcommittee allocations. We need these figures to understand how each appropriations bill fits into the larger picture, and whether our work as a whole will meet the needs of the American people. Now, we understand why the Majority wanted to keep secret for as long as possible the priorities it has chosen in the Fiscal Year 2019 spending bills. They shortchange middle class families and vulnerable people, which is why Democrats stand united in opposition.
May 16, 2018 Press Release

Mr. Chairman, I want to begin by thanking you for your efforts to accommodate the requests of Democratic members.  You continue to be accessible and receptive to many of our priorities and it continues to be a pleasure to work with you.