Member Requests

To meet urgent needs of communities across the United States, the House Appropriations Committee has invited Members of Congress to request funding for projects in their communities. These requests are subject to strict transparency and accountability rules, which can be found here.

Chair DeLauro provided an important overview of the process in a general Dear Colleague to Members and announced that the deadline for Member submissions will be at the end of April. Subcommittee Dear Colleagues, along with each request submission deadline will be posted online when available. 

Additional guidance from the Committee on submitting Community Project Funding requests for fiscal year 2023 is here.

As part of the important reforms associated with Community Project Funding, the Committee requires Members to certify that neither they nor their immediate families have any financial interest in projects they request. A template for such certification is available here.

For fiscal year 2023, Members will be required to post every Community Project Funding request on their official House website following the Committee’s 15-day review period.  Providing 15 days between making a request and posting it on a Member’s website will allow subcommittee staff to review requests and make sure they are properly categorized as a Community Project Request.  Further, to ensure that requests from all Members are easily accessible, the Appropriations Committee will continue to provide a “one-stop” link to all House Members’ online project requests. 

All requests submitted to the Appropriations Committee serve as an important step in the appropriations process, and the Committee will carefully review requests as it develops fiscal year 2023 appropriations bills.