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June 28, 2017 Press Release

2017 Enacted level:                $4.44 billion

2018 Budget request:             $4.85 billion

2018 Chairman’s mark:           $3.58 billion (excluding Senate items)


The Chairman’s mark provides:

June 28, 2017 Press Release

The FY2018 Defense Appropriations bill would exceed the Budget Control Act limit on defense spending without raising the cap, and trigger a 13% sequestration of all defense accounts across five Appropriations bills.  It would all but ensure one or more Continuing Resolutions to prevent another government shutdown, and the massive, one-year increase would create a future fundi

June 23, 2017 Press Release

Thank you, Chairman Yoder, Ranking Member Ryan, and Chairman Frelinghuysen for your work on this bill.

Today, we consider funding for the operations of our nation’s Legislative Branch. This bill provides $4.49 billion for Fiscal Year 2018, a $50 million increase above current levels and $357.5 million below the budget request.

June 23, 2017 Press Release

Thank you, Chairman Yoder. Let me just say how lucky I am to have you as my chair. You’ve sought my input and made sure that wherever there’s room for bipartisan agreement in this bill, we reach it. Your staff has done the same for my staff and I want to thank them, as well.


June 21, 2017 Press Release

Thank you, Mr. Chairman, I don’t know if I can be as brief, but I want to welcome the new secretary, someone who has experience as an appropriator himself and also a governor, former governor from a very important energy state.  You have a lot of experience, and we need it all.

June 15, 2017 Press Release

Secretary Mnuchin, I join Chairman Rogers in welcoming you here today.

June 15, 2017 Press Release

2018 Chairman’s mark:                      $88.166 billion (excluding OCO)

2018 OCO:                                          $638 million

2017 Enacted:                                     $82.326 billion (excluding OCO)

2017 OCO:                                          $432 million

President's Request:                          

June 14, 2017 Press Release

Secretary Tillerson, thank you for joining us today.

During your confirmation hearing, you stated: “Quite simply, we are the only global superpower with the means and the moral compass capable of shaping the world for good. If we do not lead, we risk plunging the world deeper into confusion and danger.” 

June 13, 2017 Press Release

“Welcome Director Homan, Chief Provost, and Deputy Executive Assistant Commissioner Wagner. 


“When the secretary appeared before this subcommittee a few weeks ago, I noted that his job was among the most challenging in government. 


June 12, 2017 Press Release

Thank you for yielding Mr. Chairman.

Mr. Chairman, since my first day as Ranking Member, you have set a cooperative tone --- thank you for continuing to be inclusive as we work through this process.