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Energy and Water Development, and Related Agencies


  • Marcy Kaptur, Ranking Member
  • Pete Visclosky
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz
  • Pete Aguilar
  • José Serrano


  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Defense-Civil; Department of the Army; Corps of Engineers-Civil
  • Department of the Interior; Bureau of Reclamation; Central Utah Project
  • Related Agencies
    • Appalachian Regional Commission 
    • Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
    • Delta Regional Authority
    • Denali Commission 
    • Nuclear Regulatory Commission 
    • Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board 
    • Tennessee Valley Authority

Recent Activity

June 7, 2018 Press Release

Mr. Chairman, I rise in opposition to the three-bill package that Republicans are bringing to the Floor today.

June 4, 2018 Press Release
This week, the House is expected to consider a three-bill "minibus" that includes the Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies, Legislative Branch, and Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies appropriations bills.
May 16, 2018 Press Release
The bill again includes several unnecessary and controversial policy riders, including a new version related to the Waters of the United States, ag exemptions from the Clean Water Act, more meddling in California water issues, prohibiting implementation of a National Ocean Policy, and new language legislating an ongoing court case. These riders make moving our bill in a bipartisan manner difficult and I strongly object to their inclusion.
May 16, 2018 Press Release
Unfortunately, despite a healthy allocation the Majority has gone out of its way to cut Democratic priorities and add poison pill riders, a step backward from the omnibus. DOE initiatives that drive innovation and safeguard our national security, such as energy efficiency and renewable energy, nuclear nonproliferation, and ARPA-E are cut from the 2018 enacted level.
May 7, 2018 Press Release

Thank you Chairman Simpson and all Members of this great subcommittee that consistently endeavors to work on a bipartisan basis to produce bills that meet our nation’s priorities in energy, water, and nuclear capabilities for domestic needs as well as security. As always, we applaud that our subcommittee bill is among the first out of the starting gate for 2019.

May 7, 2018 Press Release
The fiscal year 2018 omnibus was an important step toward addressing the water infrastructure backlog in our country, and made significant investments in science and technology that will grow the economy, create jobs and ensure our security. This bill continues on that path with a significant increase for the Army Corps of Engineers and the Bureau of Reclamation.
July 11, 2017 Press Release
An inadequate nondefense allocation results in a bill with damaging cuts to critical investments in clean energy, advanced energy research, and nuclear nonproliferation; as well as several divisive policy riders.
June 28, 2017 Press Release
The majority’s continued dysfunction jeopardizes this Committee’s ability to meet the significant challenges we face, including many that are attacked in the bill before us.
June 28, 2017 Press Release
This bill funds incredibly important programs that can unlock America’s full economic and environmental potential. Unfortunately, to say the process by which this Congress is proceeding is in disarray would be understating where we find ourselves.
June 21, 2017 Press Release
The budget request for the Department of Energy, while providing healthy increases of 9% to defense accounts, unfortunately, slashes the non-defense energy accounts by more than a third, of which science is cut by 17%.