Chairman Bishop Statement at Hearing on HHS OIG

2020-02-27 11:00

Congressman Sanford D. Bishop, Jr. (D-GA), Chair of the Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration and Related Agencies Appropriations Subcommittee, delivered the following remarks at the Subcommittee's hearing on the Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General:

The Subcommittee will come to order.

Good morning!

Welcome, everyone, to the Subcommittee’s hearing on Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General efforts related to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This is the first time since 2009 that the subcommittee has had a hearing with the HHS IG. Thank you to our witness, Ms. Murrin, for appearing before us. Eliminating fraud, waste, abuse, and correcting mismanagement is one of the most important roles of the Committee and I am deeply interested in the work that you do. Your office is at the forefront of these efforts as they relate to the FDA. The Subcommittee shares your interests in ensuring the programs of the FDA are operating at the highest levels of efficiency, responding to your recommendations, and protecting the public health and safety of the American people.

This morning I am interested in understanding what your office views as the biggest obstacles facing the FDA today and down the road. As the largest Inspector General office in the Federal Government, the majority of your work addresses other parts of the Department of Health and Human Services. Since 2015, this Subcommittee has provided your office with additional appropriations to specifically address FDA oversight issues. It’s my hope to use today’s hearing to better understand how these funds have helped you achieve your mission and what else we can do.

So today, I would like to hear more about the work you have done to date, your plans to conduct adequate oversight of FDA programs and the challenges you face in ensuring agreed-upon recommendations are implemented and complaints are appropriately addressed.

I look forward to discussing that with you as well as other important issues, and I want to say again that we appreciate you and all Inspector General staff for all that you do.

Now, let me ask our distinguished Ranking Member, Mr. Fortenberry, if he has any opening remarks, and I would like to recognize him at this time.

116th Congress