House Republicans Delay Support for Israel

October 30, 2023
Press Release

House Appropriations Committee Ranking Member Rosa DeLauro (D-CT-03) released the following statement on House Republicans’ partisan funding proposal that will delay support for Israel and other national security and humanitarian investments:

“Emergency supplemental funding is used to address urgent crises. House Republicans are setting a dangerous precedent by suggesting that protecting national security or responding to natural disasters is contingent upon cuts to other programs. The partisan bill House Republicans introduced stalls our ability to help Israel defend itself and does not include a penny for humanitarian assistance.

“Any government funding bill—whether an emergency package or a full-year bill—will need the support of Democrats and Republicans in both the House and the Senate to become law. House Democrats are ready to work with House Republicans on a package that could quickly be signed into law. Instead, House Republicans introduced a partisan bill that also abandons our allies in Europe and the Indo-Pacific and fails to include much-needed domestic investments.

“We are wasting time that our allies abroad and the American people living paycheck to paycheck do not have to spare. House Republicans must stop delaying and sit down to negotiate and pass a comprehensive emergency supplemental package and final 2024 full-year funding bills.”


118th Congress