House Republicans Condition Aid to Israel

November 2, 2023
Press Release

House Appropriations Committee Ranking Member Rosa DeLauro (D-CT-03) released the following statement on the passage of House Republicans’ partisan funding proposal that will delay support for Israel and other national security and humanitarian investments:

“This is the first time the House has passed a bill that conditions aid to Israel. House Republicans have driven a wedge into an issue that unites us, our unwavering support for our ally Israel. We should be working together—Democrats and Republicans in the House and the Senate—to provide critical security, humanitarian, and domestic support. Instead, House Republicans are using support for Israel as more fodder for their partisan wars that polarize the United States.

“This bill abandons Ukraine, does not include a penny for humanitarian assistance, and tells our allies that should they find themselves in an existential war for their democracy and freedom, we will not put aside our partisan wars.

“We must stop these charades and act like leaders of the free world. We need to prove – as we did in the years after World War II and throughout the Cold War – that we can protect, defend, and nurture global democracy and at the same time serve the American people. We have no more time to wait. We must act now to defend our allies, protect civilians, and serve the American people’s urgent needs. This bill fails to do that and should not have been considered in the first place.”


DeLauro’s full remarks on the House Floor can be found here.

118th Congress