RESOURCES: Legislation To Reopen Government, End Trump Shutdown

December 31, 2018
Press Release

House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman-designate Nita M. Lowey has released a legislative package that will reopen the federal government and end the Trump Shutdown. The legislation is expected to be considered in the House on January 3.

The legislative package consists of two components, each of which will be voted on separately in the House on Thursday. The first is a package of six appropriations bills that have been approved on a bipartisan basis in the Senate (four on the Senate floor on a 92-6 vote, and two in the Senate Appropriations Committee, on a 31-0 and 30-1 vote). The second is a Continuing Resolution for Homeland Security that will extend current levels of funding for that department through February 8.

Chairwoman-designate Lowey has released the following statement announcing this legislative package: Responsibly funding the federal government is one of the most important duties of Congress. This legislation fulfills that responsibility, reopens federal agencies shuttered by the Trump Shutdown, and ensures that the federal government is working for the American people. When the 116th Congress convenes Thursday, our new Democratic majority will take the first step to ending the Trump Shutdown by passing this legislation, which has already garnered strong bipartisan support in the Senate.

The following resources are available for Members and staff:


The text of the bill can be found here.

Dear Colleague

Chairwoman-designate Lowey has sent a Dear Colleague presenting the legislative package to Members. The Dear Colleague is available here (PDF, 1pp).


The Democratic staff of the House Appropriations Committee have prepared summaries for each of the six appropriations bills and the Continuing Resolution for Homeland Security:


The Democratic staff of the House Appropriations Committee has prepared a one-pager explaining five ways this legislative package reflects Democratic priorities. 

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