Lowey, House Democrats Introduce Legislation to Reopen Federal Government, Fund Most Agencies Through September 30

December 31, 2018
Press Release
Legislation is virtually identical to bipartisan Senate bills that passed with overwhelming support

House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman-designate Nita M. Lowey (D-NY-17) today filed legislation to reopen the federal government and fund most federal agencies through the remainder of fiscal year 2019. The legislative package, consisting of six full-year appropriations bills and a CR until February 8 for Homeland Security, is expected to be considered by the House on January 3.

“Responsibly funding the federal government is one of the most important duties of Congress. This legislation fulfills that responsibility, reopens federal agencies shuttered by the Trump Shutdown, and ensures that the federal government is working for the American people,” Chairwoman-designate Lowey said. “When the 116th Congress convenes Thursday, our new Democratic majority will take the first step to ending the Trump Shutdown by passing this legislation, which has already garnered strong bipartisan support in the Senate.”

The legislative package includes text that is identical, except for technical, conforming, and necessary scorekeeping changes, to six appropriations bills that have passed the Senate Appropriations Committee on a bipartisan basis. (Four of the six bills passed the full Senate on a 92-6 vote.) These bills fully fund many important agencies through September 30, and reject the deep cuts that President Trump proposed in his fiscal year 2019 budget request.

In addition, the legislative package includes a Continuing Resolution until February 8 for the Department of Homeland Security, funding its operations and allowing its employees and law enforcement officers to be paid while President Trump and Congress continue negotiations over border security. The legislation includes no new funding for President Trump’s border wall.

The full text of the legislative package is available here. Summaries of each of the six bills and the Continuing Resolution for Homeland Security can be found at the links below:

115th Congress