Statement : Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies

April 28, 2023 Statement
"There is much to learn about the needs of Tribal communities – not only related to basic housing and infrastructure – but how the lack of modern and resilient housing and transportation systems impact the lives of Native Americans."
April 26, 2023 Statement
This Subcommittee has increased funding for the FAA over the past several years, and in a year where we hope to see a FAA reauthorization passed through Congress, it is critical we continue to provide critical investments. It is our duty to continue to help the FAA modernize its air traffic control system, improve efficiency, transition legacy equipment into modern platforms, and develop a highly skilled workforce.
April 20, 2023 Statement
These cuts would be devastating. The safety of our communities and our transportation infrastructure depends on strong investments which, in a bipartisan way, we have been able to do in the last two years—in 2022 and 2023. They should continue to move in that direction.
April 20, 2023 Statement
What the annual spending bill can do is provide the steady investment our nation needs to move beyond a state of good repair for our transit networks and ensure these networks are as safe, resilient, and as efficient as possible. In essence, it gets us closer to closing the funding gap, leverages other public and private resources, and helps put shovels in the ground.
April 18, 2023 Statement
"More funding and greater flexibility is critical to preserving and expanding our affordable housing and sustaining our communities. The alternative is taking a step back on the progress we have made to address homelessness, safety, and community revitalization."
March 30, 2023 Statement
Whether it flies, floats, or rolls or provides a family with a safe and stable roof over their heads, the programs in this bill create jobs, keep communities safe, and help advance our nation’s economy. 
March 28, 2023 Statement
"Examining the management challenges facing the Department of Transportation and the Department of Housing and Urban Development helps this subcommittee make informed decisions about how we invest resources. Whether it is aging IT infrastructure, a shrinking workforce, or private sector development outpacing Federal regulation, DOT and HUD require effective oversight and fine-tuning."