Statement : State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs

April 18, 2023 Statement
I have long argued that our foreign assistance is critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, especially in terms of eradicating poverty, protecting the planet, and promoting peace and prosperity.  Achieving these goals by 2030 has been made even more difficult due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its many secondary effects, the conflict in Ukraine, rising food prices, as well as ongoing climate shocks and disasters. To address these needs, the United States requires an international development agency that is nimble, accountable, and properly staffed.
March 29, 2023 Statement
"Our commitment to resolve some of the world’s most challenging problems cannot be accomplished alone."
March 23, 2023 Statement
"Though I am so proud of the progress we have made, extreme House Republican calls to cut 2024 spending to the 2022 level and even more extreme calls by former Republican officials to fully eliminate critical foreign policy agencies and programs threaten global democracy and the health and safety of our nation and the world. Given the enduring global challenges we are facing, I am glad to see that the President’s budget request seeks to address them."
March 23, 2023 Statement
"But meeting these challenges requires the United States to have the presence, tools, and resources to show up, engage in dialogue and consensus building, and hold everyone, including ourselves, accountable for hard-fought commitments. It is this primacy of our diplomatic and development work to both United States strategic interests as well as global peace and stability that makes me so concerned about the cuts being considered by the new Republican majority for Fiscal Year 2024."
March 9, 2023 Statement
"By supporting USAGM, we are strengthening one of our most important resources in the fight against misinformation and for democracy globally. Access to information is a human right.  The U.S. Agency for Global Media protects this right for millions around the world and is a rightful cornerstone of U.S. engagement abroad."
March 8, 2023 Statement
"Whether it’s alleviating starvation and food insecurity, advancing women’s empowerment, tackling global health crises, securing our partners and vulnerable countries from the malign influence of authoritarianism, increasing staff diversity and equity within our own agencies—just to name a few—these challenges necessitate Congress to cooperate and work together in a bipartisan manner.  It is important for this subcommittee to understand the global challenges that are reaching to your home districts."
March 1, 2023 Statement
"The United States must be present and fully participating in international institutions to protect our own interests as well as advocate for our allies."