Statement : State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs

July 23, 2020 Statement
"The package is the product of months of thoughtful deliberation and input from Members on both sides of the aisle. I am proud of the work we have completed under the incredibly difficult circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. This appropriations package addresses urgent national priorities."
July 22, 2020 Statement
"The Appropriations Committee is charged with one of the most important responsibilities entrusted to Congress by the Constitution: the power of the purse. I am proud that we have used that power to make investments that will make the world better, safer, and healthier and give every person a better chance at a better life."
July 9, 2020 Statement

WASHINGTON — Congresswoman Nita M. Lowey (D-NY), Chair of the House Appropriations Committee, delivered the following remarks at the Committee's markup of the fiscal year 2021 State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs bill:

We will now consider the Fiscal Year 2021 State and Foreign Operations bill.

July 6, 2020 Statement
"With a total of $65.87 billion, the House bill rejects the President’s “go-it-alone” approach to foreign policy and expresses the Committee’s concerns about the timely obligation and prudent expenditure of resources."
March 12, 2020 Statement
"Let me be clear: Our nation’s security cannot afford a budget that does not adequately fund our diplomatic and development programs, or life-saving humanitarian assistance. Diplomacy and development programs are our best hope to tackle the difficult issues facing the world, making the draconian cuts proposed by this administration irresponsible. For as long as I have been a part of this Subcommittee, we have had bipartisan agreement that foreign assistance is critical to our national security and to maintaining America’s leadership role in the world. As Chairwoman, I have every expectation that we will produce a bill that maximizes each taxpayer dollar while responding to today’s many needs."
March 11, 2020 Statement
"The Administration’s FY 2021 budget request, which proposes unsustainable cuts of nearly 20% to foreign assistance, demonstrates, once again, that the Administration does not value the impact of the global economy on our national security. Nor does it recognize the merits of poverty reduction through multilateral development. Fortunately, this Committee does."
March 4, 2020 Statement
"The budget request demonstrates that the Administration does not grasp the impact of global development on our own national security, nor the benefit of efforts that promote economic growth while engaging American companies. Though the Administration touts increases to private sector engagement in global development, the budget proposes exorbitant increases to some programs while cutting, or even completely eliminating, others that have proven to have a substantial role in engaging the private sector to invest in risky emerging markets."
March 3, 2020 Statement
"USAID helps the world’s most vulnerable, assists in recovery from natural disasters and humanitarian crises, and supports countries’ efforts to strengthen governance, rule of law, and human rights. This isn’t just the 'right thing to do'; it strengthens our national security and advances American interests. ... Our development and humanitarian efforts are our best hope to tackle these issues. This is why Congress has disregarded the Administration’s last three budget requests, instead providing sufficient resources to effectively and efficiently fund some of our most critical foreign policy priorities."
February 27, 2020 Statement
"The democracy, development, diplomacy, humanitarian, and security assistance programs funded in this bill are critical to maintaining United States global leadership, protecting our national security, and promoting economic growth. Yet, since coming to office, the President has repeatedly proposed cutting these programs."
July 11, 2019 Statement
"The oversight of programs and operations to ensure accountability and effectiveness of taxpayer dollars must be a paramount focus of all government agencies, and I am glad you are here today to provide your assessment of where improvements need to be made at the Department of State and USAID."