Statement : Legislative Branch

May 17, 2023 Statement
Let me emphasize: the House Republicans have pledged to cut critical programs by $142 billion. And by the majority’s estimate, the bill before us today cuts more than $250 million from the Legislative Branch. Because we have not been given information about the cuts being proposed by Republicans, that means the other appropriations bills still must bear – $142 billion in cuts; this is simple math, Mr. Chairman. And it means that the across-the-board cuts of at least 22 percent to nondefense programs that would be required to meet their target and that would mean it would be will actually be much steeper for the bills that they are still holding back. Simply put, the Republicans’ plan is a house of cards. 
May 17, 2023 Statement
However, in light of the recent attack on two Congressional staffers in Virginia, I am severely disappointed that this bill does not increase security enhancements for our constituents and the staff who serve them. Considering this event, we must include additional resources for the Sergeant at Arms’ District Office Security Program and expand its scope so that Members can use this program for more than just one district office. Moreover, this bill does nothing to continue the progress Congress has made in terms of expanding Capitol Hill diversity, continuing bold investments towards our crumbling infrastructure, or increasing chances to serve our constituents effectively.
March 29, 2023 Statement
"These last few years have been tough, and the Capitol Police has faced many challenges as it has worked to ramp up security around the Capitol Complex including, training, equipping, and hiring more officers, investigating the challenges and failures leading up to January 6th, implementing recommendations, monitoring the rising number of threats against Members of Congress, and ensuring the wellbeing of its workforce."
March 28, 2023 Statement
"The AOC has requested $1.1 billion for fiscal year 2024. This request includes key security upgrades and addresses critical infrastructure needs across the Capitol Complex. Investing in AOC projects keeps the Capitol Complex safe for Members of Congress, staff, and its daily visitors from around the globe."
March 28, 2023 Statement
"Investments in the U.S. House of Representatives are critical to the growth and progress of our democracy. This funding strengthens our government and its capacity to serve the American people."
March 24, 2023 Statement
"That committee has passed over 200 recommendations to improve the way Congress works and this subcommittee has been supportive by providing the necessary resources. In fiscal year 2023, we provided $10 million for modernization."
March 23, 2023 Statement
"The Library of Congress is a national treasure and an unparalleled resource, and I appreciate your commitment to making the Library and its collections more discoverable and accessible to the public as well as your continued emphasis on technology development."
March 23, 2023 Statement
"As Ranking Member, I am committed to ensuring that GAO has the resources it needs to build on this excellent record, to provide timely expert assistance to Congress, and to meet the challenges of its vast oversight mission."
March 9, 2023 Statement
"GPO’s fundamental function is to make information about the operations of government—particularly the Congress— readily available to the public. That’s a crucial function in a democracy."
March 8, 2023 Statement
"The Constitution provides the power of the purse—the power to raise revenue and appropriate funds—to the Congress, and the exercise of the power of the purse is one of Congress’s most important responsibilities...It remains essential that CBO provide timely assistance to this committee and remain on a consistent and predictable schedule for baseline updates this year and going forward."