Statement : Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies

April 26, 2023 Statement
Given the need to address these and other enduring shortages made much worse by the pandemic, this Committee made significant investments through the 2022 and 2023 appropriations bills to strengthen HRSA’s health workforce programs. This included a nearly $100 million increase in the 2023 package passed and enacted in December. We increased funding for nursing and midwife programs, mental and behavioral health workforce education and training, and Children’s Hospital Graduate Medical Education programs to train resident doctors. But more must be done.
April 19, 2023 Statement
"Americans depend on the work that CDC, NIH, and ASPR does. They rely on you to stay healthy. You improve our quality of life. You ensure we are constantly developing new treatments. You protect us from public health threats, including from the Covid pandemic, which has so tragically taken more than 1 million American lives over the last 3 years. That is why I must mention how deeply concerned I am over some of my House Republican colleagues’ calls for massive spending cuts to many of the programs that keep families and communities healthy."
April 18, 2023 Statement
"Investing in kids—not defunding their education—is how we make our economy stronger and our future brighter. We should be doing everything we can to increase access to these programs, not cutting off very basic education services for children who need them."
March 29, 2023 Statement
This subcommittee can and must do more to lift up our nation’s most vulnerable so that every person, no matter their background or zip code, has the opportunity to contribute, succeed and prosper. This means strengthening the programs we just spoke about, not gutting them.
March 28, 2023 Statement
"People depend on these programs, which is why I must mention how deeply concerned I am over some extreme House Republican calls for massive spending cuts and even more extreme calls by Republican officials to eliminate so many of the programs that keep families healthy, safe, and prosperous. These cuts would be devastating to children, families, seniors, and veterans. We should be doing everything we can to increase access to these programs, not cutting off vital services to the people who need them."
March 23, 2023 Statement
"We created and we sustained better-paying American jobs by strengthening job training, apprenticeship programs, and worker protection. We increased funding for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for the first time since 2010. We invested in high-poverty schools, students with disabilities, and post-secondary education. We supported middle class and working families with increased funding for child care, Head Start, and preschool grants. We strengthened lifesaving biomedical research with increased funding for the National Institutes of Health. We bolstered America’s public health infrastructure through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and our state and local governments. And we tackled our nation’s most urgent health crises, including opioid misuse, mental health, and maternal mortality."
March 8, 2023 Statement
"As we begin the fiscal year 2024 appropriations process and look forward to receiving the President’s Budget request, it really is critical that we work together to not lose ground on the progress we have made in recent years."