Statement : Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies

June 30, 2022 Statement
"I am proud of the bill, which builds on the investments we made in  2022. We know that Americans are looking for a lifeline – that pay is not keeping up with inflation, hardworking Americans live paycheck to paycheck, women are having trouble reentering the workforce because they struggle to find good childcare, and good employment and education opportunities for people, they often feel unattainable for so many. And this bill gives them the lifeline they are looking for."
June 23, 2022 Statement
"I am proud to advance this legislation which builds on the success of 2022 to provide Americans the support they so desperately need. We will invest $242.1 billion, an increase of 13 percent above 2022, for the programs at HHS, DOL, Education and their related agencies."
May 26, 2022 Statement
"At last year’s Public Witness Day hearing, I said that today’s hearing is one of the most important things this committee does. And that has certainly rang true. With the help of public witnesses, we developed a fiscal year 2022 bill that has made transformative investments to tackle America’s toughest challenges."
May 25, 2022 Statement
"We are gathered today for this hearing to find ways to support our educators. But how can we begin to speak of support for our teachers if they are not physically safe at school? It is alarming and it’s outrageous that so many children in America’s schools and their parents and teachers worry that a senseless act of gun violence could take their lives. The American people and our nation’s children are waiting on us to take immediate action to save innocent kids and to save their teachers."
May 24, 2022 Statement
"This is a unique opportunity to gather input. We are focused on the Labor-HHS-Education appropriations bill. But it's a wonderful opportunity to hear from our colleagues on their district's priorities for the fiscal year."
May 17, 2022 Statement
"We need to be doing even better for the communities that need us the most. That is really why we were all elected. As Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Secretary of Labor Francis Perkins, the first woman appointed to a presidential cabinet, said, and I quote, “I came to Washington to work for God, FDR, and the millions of forgotten, plain common workingmen,” I would add women. Working for the forgotten and for our workers should be the reason every single one of us is in Washington."
May 11, 2022 Statement
"NIH’s response to COVID proved what I have known for a long time – that our significant and longstanding support for biomedical research is absolutely critical to ensuring we are prepared to prevent and address health care crises whenever they may arise. The work you do saves lives and protects families the world over. And with the proper resources and leadership at NIH, our biomedical research can move very quickly and in very focused ways to achieve high-priority goals and continue to save lives."
April 28, 2022 Statement
"There is little more critical to our growth and progress as a nation than support for the educational success of our students. If the last two years have proven anything, it is that as we struggle to overcome moments of so much change, we have a moral responsibility to ensure that our students, and the families and teachers that support them every day, have the resources to succeed and to flourish."
April 6, 2022 Statement
"Appropriations legislation requires negotiation and agreement from both parties and chambers of Congress, so I am proud that our bipartisan legislation has included the SEL and Whole Child Approaches initiative for the past three years."
March 31, 2022 Statement
"With the fiscal year 2023 budget before us, we are strengthening these historic investments and ensuring the seeds of change that we planted in last year’s bills grow deep, strong, and sustainable roots."