Statement : Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies

July 19, 2022 Statement
"When taken together, this package meets the moment at a time when so many want to see critical changes in our priorities. It reaches every corner of our nation to give hard working Americans, the middle class, and the vulnerable a better shot."
July 18, 2022 Statement
“Through its investments, the Interior bill takes a whole-of-government approach to secure a safe and habitable world for future generations.”
June 29, 2022 Statement
"This bill is so central to everything we hold dear. We ensure a safe and healthy planet. We commit to strengthening the Native communities whose treatment stands as a stain on our history. We preserve our culture and environment. And in the process, we support American workers and the middle class by creating a better, greener, and more revitalized economy."
June 21, 2022 Statement
"This bill creates a better and a greener economy, it confronts climate change, it supports Native American communities, and it fosters equity. I am so proud that, taken together, the investments in this bill ensure a safer and a healthier planet as we revitalize our economy and preserve our cultural heritage."
June 21, 2022 Statement
"Last year, we made unprecedented investments to fight the climate crisis, return science as the foundation for decision-making, dedicate the highest level of federal funding to the arts and humanities ever, and continue our commitment to tribal nations. I am pleased that this bill will continue to build on those successes."
June 8, 2022 Statement
"Today’s hearing provides us with a chance to hear more about the great work both Endowments have done over the last couple of years in supporting our communities across the country economically, culturally, and educationally."
May 18, 2022 Statement
"These are important investments that will better enable the National Park Service to understand and adapt to the significant challenges it faces in the 21st century so that it can meet its mission for future generations."
April 29, 2022 Statement
"I firmly believe the EPA’s mission is achievable when it is fully resourced and staffed. That is why our fiscal year 2022 bill provided the EPA with the second largest increase to its budget in over a decade."
April 28, 2022 Statement
"For fiscal year 2023, I look forward to expanding upon that work with significant and impactful funding that, in tandem with the resources provided in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, will enable us to focus on improving our Nation’s economic prosperity while concurrently addressing the threats of climate change in our interconnected world."
April 27, 2022 Statement
"From creating economic development in rural communities to reducing extreme heat in urban areas, healthy forests are essential to our nation."