State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Subcommittee Legislative Activity

Fiscal Year 2024

FY2024 Full Committee Action Summary
FY2024 Filed Report - 118-146
FY2024 Filed Bill - HR 4665
FY2024 Full Committee Roll Call Votes
FY2024 Full Committee Amendments
FY2024 Full Committee Draft Bill 
FY2024 Draft Report
FY2024 Draft Bill Summary

FY2024 Draft Bill

Fiscal Year 2023

FY2023 Omnibus
FY2023 Joint Explanatory Statement
FY2023 Omnibus Summary
FY2023 Omnibus Fact Sheet

FY2023 Fact Sheet
FY2023 Full Committee Action Summary
FY2023 Filed Report - 117-401
FY2023 Filed Bill - HR 8282
FY2023 Full Committee Roll Call Votes
FY2023 Full Committee Amendments
FY2023 Full Committee Draft Bill
FY2023 Draft Report
FY2023 Draft Bill Summary
FY2023 Draft Bill

Fiscal Year 2022

FY2022 Omnibus
FY2022 Joint Explanatory Statement
FY2022 Omnibus Summary
FY2022 Omnibus Fact Sheet
FY2022 House-Passed Bill Text
FY2022 Fact Sheet
FY2022 Full Committee Action Summary​
FY2022 Filed Report - 117-84
FY2022 Filed Bill - HR 4373
FY2022 Full Committee Roll Call Votes 
FY2022 Full Committee Adopted Amendments 
FY2022 Full Committee Draft Bill

FY2022 Draft Report 
FY2022 Draft Bill Summary
FY2022 Draft Bill

Fiscal Year 2021

FY2021 Omnibus
FY2021 Joint Explanatory Statement
FY2021 Omnibus Summary

FY2021 Omnibus Fact Sheet
FY2021 Fact Sheet - State and Foreign Operations
FY2021 Minibus Fact Sheet
FY2021 Minibus Bill Text: State and Foreign Operations, Agriculture-FDA, Interior-Environment, Military Construction- Veterans Affairs
FY2021 Revised Summary
FY2021 Filed Report - 116-444
FY2021 Filed Bill - HR 7608
FY2021 Full Committee Roll Call Votes
FY2021 Full Committee Amendments
FY2021 Full Committee Draft Bill
FY2021 Report
FY2021 Summary
FY2021 Bill

Fiscal Year 2020

FY2020 Minibus
FY2020 Joint Explanatory Statement
FY2020 Minibus Summary
FY2020 Minibus Fact Sheet
FY2020 Revised Summary
FY2020 Filed Bill - HR 2839
FY2020 Filed Report - 116-78
FY2020 Full Committee All Offered Amendments
FY2020 Full Committee Amendments
FY2020 Full Committee Roll Call Votes
FY2020 Draft Report
FY2020 Draft Bill
FY2020 Bill Summary


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